How to use the LITELOK X1 Twist & Go mount

Your LITELOK X1 will come with the Twist & Go mount in the bottom of the box. It will also be supplied with 2 x Twist & Go Frame straps which have 2 x 5mm hex key screws stored inside.
The Twist & GO mount can be fitted on your bottle cage mounts (fixing for this not supplied) or it can be mounted to one of the tubes on your bike. For these instructions we’ve used the seat tube.
Before you start fitting the Twist & Go mount, check you have enough clearance for the mount & the lock in your desired position on the bike.

Trimming the protection strip
As part of the base of the mount you will find two fixed protection strips, these are used to give the mount grip and protect the paint work on your bike’s tubes. These can be trimmed to fit the frame.
Place the mount in your chosen place on your frame. Wrap the straps around the frame and make a note of where the protection stirp meets the side of the mount. This can then be trimmed with a scissors to fit.

Fitting the Twist & Go mount to your bike
Unroll the 2 Twist & Go frame straps supplied in the box and remove the 2 x 5mm hex key screws.
Take 1 of these frame straps and push fit the head of the strap into the Twist & Go mount so that the tail of the frame strap and the tail of the protective strip lie on top of each other. Repeat this for the second frame strap.
Now place the mount onto the bikes in your chosen location and wrap the top frame strap around the tube itself and into the rectangle slot in the Twist & Go mount.
Insert the 5mm hex screw into the hole above and use a 5mm hex tool to begin to tighten this screw. You don’t need to full tighten yet, just enough so that it grips the frame and doesn’t slip.
Repeat the above for the bottom strap. Once both the straps are fitted and the mount is in the correct place you can then fully tighten the both straps to secure the mount.
Please check your manufacturers guidelines regarding mounting torque ratings.
Once tightened, you can then tuck the frame straps into the O ring on the straps themselves. You may need to loosen straps and adjust the O ring’s position dependant on your frame shape and size.

**Loading the mount**

**Unloading the mount**

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