How do I return an order?

If your Litelok doesn’t fit your needs then you are able to return it. We accept returns as long as they are within 14 days of you receiving your Litelok and it is in an unused condition.

To return your order, you'll need to print out a copy of our returns form and fill it in with the necessary details. Please then pack up your order complete with the returns form and send it back to us. Please note, if you are in the European Union you will need to return your order back to our EU warehouse and complete our EU returns form.
If you are unable to print out the returns form then please leave a note with all your relevant information inside your returned order as this will help when processing. When your Litelok has been processed and is eligible to be returned, we will issue you a refund.
Please note that if your Litelok doesn’t fit our required criteria, we are able to refuse your returned order. You are also responsible for the cost of the return, unless your Litelok is defective.

Feb 12, 2024

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