• Can I attach CORE Plus to my bike?

    Yes, CORE Plus is supplied with a set of wrap straps and frame mounts. These can be used to mount the lock to your frame or pannier rack etc. With so many frame variations please feel free to contact us for assistance on this.
  • Can you coil CORE Plus?

    Yes - CORE Plus can being coiled to a certain extent. The Plus exoskeleton limits the amount you can coil the product by. If you require a lock with a greater degree of flexibility then take a look at CORE Flex.
  • How do I lock my bike with a CORE Plus?

    We’d always recommend locking your bike to something as well as having the lock through your frame and back wheel. A Core Plus 100cm will give you the option to lock to larger pieces of street furniture. With so many frame variations please feel free to contact us for assistance on this.
  • How much does CORE plus weigh?

    CORE Plus 75cm weighs 1.9kg (4.1lbs) making it one of the lightest Sold Secure Diamond locks available. CORE Plus 100cm weighs 2.25kg (4.9lbs)
  • How secure is CORE Plus?

    CORE PLUS is independently tested by Sold Secure and has achieved the Bicycle Diamond rating. Sold Secure Diamond is the highest level of bicycle protection.
  • How to fit the wearable kit to LITELOK CORE Plus

  • LITELOK CORE Plus: Specifications

    | | | | | --- | --- | --- | | | CORE PLUS BIKE (75) | CORE PLUS BIKE (100) | | WEIGHT | 1.9kg (4.1lb) | 2.25kg (4.9lb) | | LOCKING LENGTH | 75cm (29") | 100cm (39") | | TROUSER SIZE | 28" - 42" | 44"+ |
  • What is CORE Plus ideal for?

    CORE PLUS is ideal for longer stops in higher risk areas and for commuters where bikes are left for longer periods of time and in the same place consistently. They are also ideal for communal bike storage areas which multiple people can access.
  • What is CORE Plus made of?

    CORE PLUS consists of 3 layers of protection. A high tensile steel core, steel exoskeleton protection and then protected by a plant based biopolymer. The whole construction is then covered with the abrasion sleeve.
  • What size CORE Plus will fit my waist?

    CORE Plus 75cm will fit a waist size of up to around 41 inches with the addition of the wearable kit. Each lock is supplied with an elasticated wearable kit. You don’t need to close the lock around your waist as the wearable kit secures the lock while you wear it for comfort. CORE PLUS 100 is use...