• Can I attach CORE Flex to my bike?

    All LITELOK CORE Flex bike locks are supplied with a set of easy to use frame mounts. Adjustable hook and loop straps ensure it will fit most frame shapes and sizes, whilst the rubberised strap prevents damage to your much loved bike. The simple click and hold design makes mounting and un-mountin...
  • Can you coil CORE Flex?

    Due to the flexible nature of CORE Flex, it can be coiled to a smaller size for packing in a bag or mounting on a small frame. CORE Flex coils down to approximately 15cm (5.9") in diameter.
  • How to fit the wearable kit to LITELOK Core

  • LITELOK CORE Flex: Specifications

    See the specifications for LITELOK CORE Flex such as weight, length and wearable size. | | | | --- | --- | | | CORE FLEX | | WEIGHT | 1.7kg (3.7lb) | | LOCKING LENGTH | 75cm (29") | | TROUSER SIZE | 28" (70cm) - 44" (112cm) |
  • What is the difference between CORE Flex and CORE Plus?

    LITELOK CORE Flex and CORE Plus are very similar locks. CORE Flex features inner radial reinforcement which provides improved flexibility whereas CORE Plus features a patented exoskeleton which provides greater security. CORE Flex is rated Sold Secure Bicycle Gold whereas CORE Plus is rated Sold ...
  • Will CORE Flex fit around my waist?

    LITELOK CORE Flex comes with an adjustable wearable kit which makes it easy to wear the lock around your waist whilst not in use. CORE Flex will fit waist sizes from 28" (70cm) to 41" (106cm).